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To access our Wi-Fi zone you need a wireless device such as a smartphone, a tablet, a personal computer, and a mobile number to receive the Username and the Password to access the service.

When you're in the room or structure that uses Itaca, select or wireless network with your Wi-Fi device and start the connection. Then open the browser (firefox, explorer, opera etc.) you normally use. Type in the address bar any web site (for example,, etc.) and a Portal will appear to enter our Wi-Fi zone. If it’s the first time you use this service, or your password has expired, you have to proceed and sign up.

Click on the link Sign Up, signing up is very simple and fast: you have just to select the Country Code, type your cellular number and agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. With the last option button, if you want, you can authorize the manager to send you all the communications on events or offers and services.

Once you have filled the form in all its parts complete the registration by clicking on Submit. In a few seconds you will riceive a Username and a Password to enter our Wi-Fi zone to maturity; now you just have to type in the blank fields the Username and the Password you received and click on Login to surf the internet freely.

If you already had your Username and Password, just type them in the blank fields and click on Login.

ATTENTION: The Login page will become Logout page and automatically a new web page will open. Leave the logout page open and use the second page to surf around. To properly close the connection, go back to Logout page and click on the button Logout.

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