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Our team is made of web marketing specialists with many years of experience in design and implementation of websites.

The Web is the new trading market, meeting point of supply and demand, and the Web sites have become one of the leading and best tools for anyone who want to increase his business.

We are expert in creation, design and construction of responsive sites, institutional sites, dynamic sites or e-commerce, using the most important and modern technologies. Our sites can be easily managed by the user with the simple, easy and intuitive as well as functional control panel, thanks to the use of userfriendly CMS.

The structure of our Web sites is accomplished using adaptive templates that allow proper display of pages even on the mobile devices.

Our projects include all support activities in the realization of instagram and twitter profiles and feeding facebook pages, in addition to the creation of a google analytics account for connection statistics check.


What we offer

  • .Photo reportage
  • .Support in descriptive texts drafting (presentation of the company, services offered, etc.)
  • .Choise of the best template and graphic structure according to the type of business
  • .Layout cutting, HTML code editing and implementation of CMS with graphic and textual contents
  • .Social Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • .Localization with Google map
  • .Google analytics account
  • .Periodic monitoring of connection statistics
  • .Training on site on update mode





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